Why You Will Never Succeed In Anything

Have you experienced getting stuck at something these days? Are you getting crazy simply by thinking about how to regain the Midas touch you once had? Do you feel like life gets more and more difficult – reliving the good times while you slowly disassociate from the real world? Do you feel senseless, hopeless, and without direction?

I have experienced these things for a while now. Proof of such negative experiences is getting used to the belief that I can’t do anything good at all. At this point, I am not blaming anything. I can’t point fingers at anybody or anything because I know I am the leader of my life, and I suck at it. In fact, I struggle to overcome my weaknesses and shortcomings. 

I feel so lost and terrified.

When Creativity Becomes A Chore

I love to write anything, but I feel ecstatic when I see my thoughts on the screen. An introvert that I am, writing becomes the best way to help me through adversities and process personal issues without trying too hard to be selective in fear of being judged. 

Years of writing for business had me delved into the technical side of it, including SEO, content marketing, and others to increase online visibility. Although it gratifies my responsibilities, I felt lost. Believe me or not, I couldn’t identify the time and date when it all started. It reached such an extent that I am afraid to write again… up until today. 

It’s weird but the feeling is too strong to deny no matter how I try to hide it. I realized I unknowingly fell into a trap I dug and buried myself in my own graveyard. I feel suffocated and depressed. I thought, “I did everything that I could, but it’s not enough.” 

When Fear Hinders You To Move Forward

Rather than writing what we have in mind, we tend to think if this works or not over and over again. That led me to the conclusion of not writing anything, not even a single word. What’s worse is it’s recurring. It won’t stop.

The more I tried to figure out the root causes of everything I have experienced, I learned that overthinking could easily be tied to fear. 

If fear is present in your mind right now, you’re on the sweet spot because you’re in a great position to become an asset for destruction – to your fullest potential and the best version of yourself. 

With these present in your mind and heart, honestly, you would lose anything you worked hard for. If not, you will not be able to finish anything.

Not even your passion for something will work if fear and overthinking remain influential in your lives. Our businesses will fail, our dreams will collapse, and most likely our lives will lead to a pointless path in the shortest time possible. 

For a long time, we unknowingly embraced our irrational fears and thoughts brought by experiences we gathered as we grew up.

Final Thoughts

Weeks after I learned the impact of childhood trauma in my life, it led me to inevitable circumstances that challenged my beliefs and the ones based on fear. Similarly, you need to get up and start what you have planned without overthinking anything.

Start doing it although you don’t feel like it. Just do it. That’s all. Never allow fear and overthinking to conquer your creative mind. If you continue embracing them, you’ll suffer. For sure. I learned this lesson the hardest way possible. I almost abandoned everything I started. With that, I felt too guilty, albeit being aware that tears will not do any resolve. 

So, do the same and you’ll see a big difference. Always remember that fear and overthinking are the most potent drugs that will create a drastic, yet, uncomfortable life unimaginable. Never let that happen. Learn how to fight and start grinding amidst the fear. 

How about you? What’s your experience? 


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