Why I Quit Business To Work As A Freelance Writer

Why did I quit my business and chose to work for a freelance writing job?

This sounds odd for a business-person that I am. But this is the reality most creative entrepreneurs won’t tell you. At times, when life hits hard, you have no choice but to let go and move on.

Why did I quit my business and worked my ass off as a freelance writer? Read my inspiring story by clicking this pin.
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What Does It Take To Be An Entrepreneur?

Not everyone has the guts to become an entrepreneur. What I listed here are some of the realities entrepreneurs face. But they are only a pinkie of how it is to run a creative business.

Despite that, I can show you the behind-the-scenes most people don’t see. Success is only an outcome of years of hard work and determination to win. This is why, as I said earlier, building a creative business isn’t everyone’s cup of tea.

Let’s begin.

1) Endless stress

Underneath a façade of a self-made man lies the darkest truths. Bouts of anxiety, self-doubt, and fear are inevitable. We’re anxious about the number of customers we get the next day.

For small businesses, especially those who recently opened, getting customers is a struggle. And that continues in the next 6 months, at least. If not, a year.

Aside from that, it’s tough to run a one-man company. In my previous post, I mentioned the loneliness of starting a creative business.

It’s because most entrepreneurs begin without anyone to ask for help. You try to put all the systems together…alone. When lucky, you could invite a few friends to work for you for free.

In my case, I had my sister help me out in the shipping and financial departments. So, I could focus on creating the products.

2) Endless uncertainties

Have you spent more time staring at the horizon in deep thoughts lately?

How do you feel about running your creative business so far?

As an entrepreneur, you face an endless wonder by asking yourself when you finally see the results of your hard work?

You only slept a few hours a day to make sure you open your shop on time. As much as you want to feel lazy, you can’t. You just can’t dare miss a day.

Every single day you try your best to keep up with the quota per week to survive. Otherwise, there would be no income coming into your business. What sense would it make then, right?

Underneath a façade of a self-made man lies the darkest truths. Bouts of anxiety, self-doubt, and fear are inevitable. We’re anxious about the number of customers we get the next day.

Mecyll Gaspary

3) Endless sacrifices

The demands of running your shop or online shop require a lot of time. You wake up early in the morning to prepare. You sleep in the wee hours of the night. When everybody’s already in their beds, you’re still up to finish what you have to finish.

Sacrificing your social life is inevitable. You can’t go out with friends anytime because, for example, you already have scheduled an appointment with a client a week ago. It happens all the time.

You don’t even have the time to take a pause. How much more a whole Friday night to catch up with friends, right?

I know it’s embarrassing to say this. But you know this happens to you all the time. You feel like spending time with others is unproductive. Rather than doing it, you spend the remaining hours of the day to review your inventories and daily sales.

If you own a physical shop, I bet you struggle to spare time to meet your high school batchmates. You struggle to free a day for your family. In the Philippines, it’s a constant race from 4 a.m. until 10 in the evening.

4) Endless piles of work

This is true for most beginner entrepreneurs. When I started my Etsy shop, I spent almost 24/7 on creating handmade journals. I was alone and I had to cope with the bulk orders.

When my sister’s free from schoolwork, she helped me in folding papers to make book signatures. I was grateful for her help in making sure I deliver the orders on time. The constant pressure pushed me to my limits, taking a toll on my health.

In the long run, I couldn’t endure it any longer. It was too exhausting that I completely gave it up. I thought it was the right decision to do before I fall into depression. Again.

Though I love what I do, however, I was hopeless when creative burnout hit me hard.

5) Endless financial worries

When I decided to take a break from my business, financial losses continued to torment me. This paved the way to finding other income sources to pay for everything I had to pay.

So, I ended up changing my career and became an expert content writer. Six years passed, I still make notebooks. And I made a decent income writing online content, too.

The point is who cares anyway?

Final Thoughts – Why I Quit My Business?

Life won’t be an enjoyable ride without problems as we mentioned. Tough times come and go. It’s a natural life cycle. Yin and yang.

There will be times when life becomes playful to give you challenges. Difficult moments like this is unbearable, yet, unforgettable. Why?

It is during these times when a multi-million-dollar idea comes into your mind. When you quit your creative business, you’re also giving yourself a break.

As soon as your head cools down and inspiration returns, you suddenly realize the things you missed. These mistakes give you lessons. You may not understand it at the moment, though in the end, you’ll see the bigger picture.

Your failures pave the way to where you will go. They shouldn’t be reasons for quitting unless you’re health is at stake.

Nonetheless, becoming an entrepreneur may not be an easy feat. On the flip side, it gives you chances to explore your strengths and weaknesses. The obstacles you face every single day may test you.

Yet, you’re better than the majority of the people who don’t even have the guts to try. Your shortcomings are proof you try.

And the more tries you did in your lifetime, the more you figure out how you want to live your creative life. I hope I make sense, am I not?

Let me know your thoughts in the comment section below.

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