How Her Passion For Horses Led Her To Creative Success?

Hello, pals! Do you love horses? Why women love horses? Many people asked the same thing. Google recorded 440,000 results in seconds about this one. Why, oh, why?

Well, I met a new friend Christine Meunier of Equus Blog from Australia, who is really into horses. Initially, she introduced her business and it was surprising. When I saw her stuff, it immediately shocked me and began so interested in her business.

Because of that, I’d like to share her story and how she came to realize that she has to venture into this kind of business, wherein she spreads knowledge in horses to other people. 

As a teacher herself, she has been loving sharing what she learned with other people interested in taking care, riding horses, and all that stuff.

Without further ado, I’d like to give the floor to Christine. Hey, Christine! The floor is yours!


Thanks, Mecyll for the amazing intro. Yes, women love horses, I love horses!

I have always had a fascination with horses – more like an addiction! It truly is something I feel you are born with and cannot get over, and that is fine by me!

How Her Passion For Horses Led Her To Creative Success?
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How Did Everything Start?

I first started studying horses in 2001 whilst in high school and gained a Certificate II in Horse Studies before moving onto studying breeding horses after high school. Following this, I was employed to work on a thoroughbred stud in North East Victoria, Australia.

At 16 years of age, I was told that horses were a phase that all girls go through and that I would grow out of it when I discovered boys.  

This was advice from a careers teacher who wasn’t sure about me studying horses as part of my high school curriculum!

My Blogging Roots

Motivated by this poor advice, I started a blog, Equus Education, which focuses on horse-related careers around the world.  

I wanted to prove that horses are a viable career option and to date, Equus Education has explored over 170 horse-related careers all around the world.

As I worked away at my horse breeding job, I was contacted by an educator of horse studies in Melbourne. 

 It turns out she was often researching topics for her class and my blog kept on coming up in her results!  

Convinced of my enthusiasm, she contacted me about teaching. I agreed to teach and in doing so, suddenly had to get myself qualified.

As perfect timing goes, the Certificate IV in Training and Education that I needed to teach at TAFE (Tertiary and Further Education) was being run in a town half an hour away, on my weekends off (I worked a 12 day fortnight).

On top of this, it was being run by the woman who worked admin during the week on the stud I worked at! Some may say coincidence; I believe the timing was set up perfectly for me to get qualified.

Once I’d finished the course it was time to start working at Box Hill TAFE by teaching their horse breeding course.  

Soon I was creating horse breeding resources for their course and sharing my experiences on a stud. I loved it!

Digital Products: Most Teachers’ Top Choice

It was shortly after this that I was told about a site named TeachersPayTeachers.  

A quick look showed me that it was an online platform for teachers to sell resources they had created – to other teachers to use in their classes.

I love the idea of residual income. To be able to make one product and sell it many times really appeals to me. TeachersPayTeachers is a great way to do this!  

You have to make your first product free so that people can view your quality of work. Then, it’s up to you what you want to make!

My store is mainly made up of educational horse resources. They may be purchased and downloaded by educators of horse courses, horse riding instructors, or horse owners – there is no restriction!  

Each month I am paid via PayPal for the sales that I have made after TPT takes out their commission.

Key to my Digital Success: I Focused on Horses Only

I think I am fairly unique on the site – I am the one person who focuses specifically on horse education.  

Many others have resources that feature horses, but not as their sole focus.  

I started this as a hobby back in 2014 but set myself a goal late last year to get at least 52 products in the store by November 2016. I am well on the way to achieving this goal and will keep producing!

My products cover mainly horse care resources, but also math problems with a focus on horses, literacy, and numeracy skills relating to horses, icebreakers relating to horses, and even the history of horse breeds. 

You can have a look at my Points of the Horse free resource to see what I have made.

Share Your Knowledge Through Selling Digital Products

The great thing about selling digital products is that other than your time and expertise, they don’t cost you!

When you sign up, you are given your store link that you login to and add products to. You will be asked to provide a picture for your profile and indicate your educational qualifications/areas of expertise.

As people buy your products, they have the option to provide feedback and if they like what you create, they can choose to follow you so that they will be notified whenever you add new products.

The subjects that you can choose to create products for are varied, covering pre-school right up to university degrees.  

If you’re not sure what to create, there is also an area where teachers request resources; so that you can create something you know someone will buy.

It’s possible to create little games or resources as a one-off in class for teachers, or even to create a whole training package for a particular course – it’s completely up to you.

You choose the price of your products, there is a 30 cent fee for processing payments and TeachersPayTeachers receive a commission for each sale that is made.  

If you want to receive higher royalties, then you can pay to upgrade to a premium membership.

Some people on the site are doing extremely well for themselves, making a steady income. It is well and truly possible for the motivated and diligent resource creator to turn it into a consistent business!

Final Thoughts – How Passion Becomes Money?

Thank you, Christine, for such a wonderful story. 

Many bloggers have been taking advantage of selling digital products to earn passive income non-stop, without compromising your time for other stuff. 

Your online business runs without the need to be a hundred percent present on your laptop or desktop.

With many online creative business owners utilizing this new business dynamic, many and many people are getting attracted to this venture and are making several attempts to succeed. 

Christine is one of them. She used a third-party site to sell digital products while sharing her obsession with horses.

In summary, you can be a successful entrepreneur regardless of your professional background. 

In digital entrepreneurship, you need to be ultimately consistent to get attention and to earn money later.

Does this resonate well with you, pal?

How about you? Do you want to give this business a shot? 

Do you wish to earn income by sharing your knowledge through selling digital products? 

If yes, share your thoughts in the comments section below. God bless you, pal! Yeaahhhh! 🙂 


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