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  • A6 Leather Traveler's Notebook Rose Gold Faux Leather A6 Refillable Journal by BitchyChickenJournal

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    A6 Leather Travelers Notebook, Rose Gold Faux Leather A6 Travelers Notebook Cover For Planning & Journaling

    Rated 0 out of 5€55,00

  • A6 Hobonichi leather cover, A6 refillable journal, A6 leather traveler's notebook

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    A6 Hobonichi Leather Cover, A6 Leather Traveler’s Notebook, A6 Handmade Leather Journal

    Rated 0 out of 5€45,00€70,00

  • Handmade Fabric Overlap Journal using blue, glittery fabric

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    Handmade Notebook from Scraps A6 Journal, Handmade Blue Glittery Fabric Overlap Journal, Rare Item

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  • Orange Meets Black Handmade Fabric Overlap Journal A6 Journal - BitchyChickenJournal

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    Orange Meets Black Handmade Fabric Overlap Journal, Handmade Notebook from Scraps A6 Journal

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What do Our former customers say about us?

To answer your multi-million-dollar question, here are a few of them who spared a few minutes of their time to share with you what they felt when they received their packages from our shop. 

This is by far one of the coolest journals ever! Let me start off by saying that I was planning on filling it with poetry to give as a gift. Yeah, that ain’t happening, I’m keeping it! Buttery soft bright purple leather, exquisite cover design made with silver vinyl, perfectly adorned with a belt enclosure to match and very good quality hand torn paper mixed in with beautiful varying design papers. This journal was masterfully crafted. Thank you Mecyll for your thoughtful note, packaging and bracelet gift! I love it all and the bag to put the journal in is magic! I will fill it with words of hope as that is something I feel the world needs right now. Prolific poets and writers, please give Bitchy Chicken Journal your business! I am a fan. Best, ~B
Brandon Pecker
Satisfied Customer from USA
Wow, what a great cover! The craftsmanship is excellent and the extras are fantastic. It was entirely worth the wait. It holds 2 hardcover Lt 1917,two insert small notebooks and dividers.
Sue Beckett
Satisfied Customer from USA
I received my travelers notebook yesterday. The leather is so soft and floppy. It is beautiful. I love it! Thank you.
Melissa Langdon
Satisfied Customer from USA
I absolutely love my journal! The craftsmanship is truly a work of art. Mecyll added a few extras and wrapped it all up in a matching fabric bag with a thank you note tucked inside. Thank you Mecyll!
Lisa VanDerlip
Satisfied Customer from Canada
Beautiful TN. Made in a custom size for me. The packaging was torn when it arrived but the TN was in great condition. I absolutely love it. It came with a dust cover and the bow charm and the clay beads and the bow paper clip. It has a pen loop on the inside and is just so amazing.
Laura Longoria
Satisfied & Repeat Customer from USA

Bestseller Collections

Before I opened my Etsy shop in 2017, I have been selling handmade notebooks locally. But it wasn’t until I reached the international audience when I took my hobby seriously. At that time, I wasn’t alone anymore. 

Over the years, I have sold hundreds of them in different varieties, from leather, fabric, and other materials. Honestly, creating notebooks isn’t just making one piece to the other. For me, it’s an art—a living art—that requires combined skills from anyone to achieve the standard you set for yourself in the business in such perfection.

Summer Collections

Best Handmade Notebooks, Journals, & Planners

For every notebook I create, regardless of the size and thickness, is done with extra care. More often than not, it would take days before I could finish one piece.

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