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That is such a great post!

“The shocking truth about creativity that will convince you to quit your job” is such a great post! I just quit my job to find a new one. I was planning on getting pregnant, buy a house. But now, I have to find a new job, and I don’t know where yet. I don’t know how long will I commute and find time to write a blog now. Maybe I do it after work. It’s my passion I hope to live from one day.

But I did it, I quit my job, I was so frustrated and unhappy there. No, I need to rebuild my life.

I’m in a better situation than people who leave their full-time jobs for creativity or creating businesses. Nobody tells me I’m crazy, well, maybe just for the way how I did it, suddenly.

So, I am not as thorn as you were/are. But I admire your courage, and I hope you will create the most amazing business for yourself and be happy.


Hello, Aleksandra! This is Mecyll. It’s really hard to quit a job. I totally understand how it feels because I’ve been there. But I can’t also deny the fact that I needed to think about regretting my life after years for not doing so for my passion. 

You love creativity. You should earn from something you love doing. I left my full-time teaching job for creativity. Last year, I sold handmade journals I made myself and other crafts. I’m glad you decided to leave your job and enjoyed your life more. Godspeed to your decision, Aleksandra. 🙂

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