About BitchyChicken

Mediocrity: The Marriage Killer

Just because you are now husband and wife, with or without kids, it doesn’t mean vanilla sex. plain, boring, and vanilla sex. Remember, your spouse was once the person you’re attracted to. 

Make those passionate quickies and raunchy and wild sexcapades real because they aren’t meant to remain as memories only. 

What’s the story behind the name?

We know what you’re thinking. BitchyChicken, as a name of a sex blog, is an odd choice. But this weirdly funny and unique name is what holds us together as a couple. 

Over the past few years, it collectively defines the purpose of our creative lives over the years, from creating handmade notebooks, planners, journals, and diaries to creating digital products and designs and selling them on various platforms. 

The beginning of BitchyChicken

The prolonged long-distance relationship took a toll on our overall well-being and the quality of our relationship. We became desperate to find a sense of fulfillment, as our longing for each other intensified as years passed by. 

Our ups and downs as a married couple subsequently materialized into BitchyChicken, although the name was just rather funny and doesn’t make sense. However, we consider it as a collective name to define our creative lives. 


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How does the website benefit me? 

BitchyChicken will serve as an online platform that offers a safe environment for you to share and explore your sexual creativity in different ways, from making homemade sex toys at home to making money writing erotica. Be entertained with mind-blowing raunchy stories and more inspirational stories and events. 

Unleash your hiding sex god & goddess

BitchyChicken will publish the latest, if not, the best sex-positive content as regularly as we can. Through hours of extensive research and writing quality and comprehensive posts, we want to help you to achieve the following goals:

  • Learn the newest sex tips and the best turn on and foreplay tricks to turbocharge you and your partner’s romantic and marital sex life
  • Entertain you with mindblowing kinky ideas to try with your spouse while inspiring you to become better partners
  • Discover the best sex shops to buy your next favorite sex toys, premium bondage gears, and other sex accessories in the market today  
  • Understand the role of sexual wellness in building healthy relationships 
  • Analyze the powerful healing properties of sex to recover from childhood trauma, remove urges to self-loathing, and gain control over your life

Meet the BitchyChicken Team

While we choose to update the BitchyChicken sex blog using our pen names, we are, in fact, a real-life husband and wife, who simply loves to fuck. We have been married for around 4 years now and currently, we are the persons in charge of this sex website. 

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