About Us

About Our Creative Histories, Challenges, & Triumphs

Though we started BitchyChicken in 2016, it wasn’t until we decided to get serious with our plans to pursue our creative pursuits. To provide a safe creative space not just for us but for others, we established our blog in the same year.


Unexpected events happened in mid-2018 wherein we were left with another option but to delete our blog. Since then, we have set aside this project for other priorities, such as major life changes and Covid-19. Each of us went on with new individual projects, slowly drifting us away from our earlier plans.

As a blog, we, as artists, will want to tackle a wide range of sex-positive topics, such as sexual wellness among married couples. This allows us to showcase our carefully handcrafted sex products in our shop and other creative works. If there’s any question about our work or any of our published content, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

About Our Overall Website Content

In summary, you will expect the following highlights in our website’s overall content:

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Inspiring Highlights Sex-Positive Stories

BitchyChicken as a brand focuses on providing a safe environment for married people to share personal stories. Be entertained with our mind-blowing raunchy stories and more inspirational stories and events.


Sexual Awareness for Overall Sense of Well-Being

Join us, as we explore our sexuality in a variety of creative ways. From making homemade sex toys at home to making money writing erotica, we’ve got them all.


Sex for Building Meaningful Marriage

Just because you are now husband and wife, with or without kids, it doesn’t mean you embrace the status quo. Quit the vanilla sex and make those passionate quickies, raunchy, and wild sexcapades real once again.

Discover New Satisfying & Creative Ways to Spice Up Your Marriage!

Life’s too short to be sad, worried, and guilty about your fading sexcapades. You’ve probably spent 10 years, 20 years, 40 years, or 60 years together. Despite the amount of time you’ve had for each other, the point is, marriage doesn’t have to kill the lovers’ longing when one is absent. At the back of your head, you’re wondering if your other behalf has already found somebody else to quench the primal thirst.

Instead of feeding your minds with negative thoughts, focus on what’s worthwhile and positive. Rather than giving in to constant worries about our spouse’s whereabouts, why don’t you focus on doing things that make you happy? While both of you are away from each other, take this opportunity to miss that special someone.

Our Mission, Vision, & Values

BitchyChicken helps men and women who have experienced childhood trauma, resulting in living with unhealthy adult life and distorted views on body image, stress, and self-esteem. By addressing the root cause of the problem through creativity, we believe that this approach will help more people to come out, acknowledge the painful histories, and reach different sexual heights.

About Your Takeaway!

If you’re truly serious about your plan to improve your sexual well-being, you’ve got to start asking yourself how committed will you be once you start this process. As we go through each step, you will learn how to relive all the memories you’ve had, both good and bad, and overcome the emotional instabilities brought by these events.

Moreover, it is our dream to help you live the rest of your lives guilt-free and accept your sexuality. So, help us!

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No, these activities won’t hurt at all. If you truly love the person you married, you always feel our healthy amount of self and the time you need for an inseparable connection. Isn’t what our grandparents told us about true love and marriage? Does being married for years necessarily make you and your spouse less worthy of a wholesome kinky experience? To whom do you rely on and lean on during life-changing decisions? For whom do your sacrifices and compromises are for?